About Us

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A little about us and how Comfort Created came about.

We are Jay and Autumn. When they say opposites attract they aren’t lying (at least when it comes to us). Jay is spontaneous, energetic, optimistic and hardworking. I am methodical, cautious, dedicated and strong-willed. We both have the need to create and that often is expressed in very different ways, but we have discovered that together we can accomplish many things we couldn’t on our own. And we have fun together…not to say we don’t ever have THOSE moments. You know the ones!

We began doing projects to save money. Along the way we discovered that we could make things we liked even better than what we could buy and we were able to make them uniquely ours.  We have spent the last 20 something years raising our two sons. We are now empty nesters and with a little more free time we decided to share what we love to do with others. We hope our projects inspire you to create your comfort.

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