Simple Ways to Bring Personality Home

Simple ideas to bring your own personality into your home.
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Need inspiration for creative and unique decor ideas? Here you have many ideas to bring some fun and whimsy to your decor.

What does your home say about you? I’m not talking about your city, zip code, or neighborhood. Those things might say something about you but not really. Not the things that matter or make you interesting.

What makes your home yours? If your neighborhood is like mine than all the houses look very similar and there are at least a few that have exactly the same floor plan. I have actually been in the exact same house as mine and yet it felt completely different.

I think a house is like a body. We all have one and they are all a little different. You may love it or you may be trying to make the best of it but it’s what the good Lord gave you.

Then there are the furnishings that are fairly universal- a dining table, sofa, bed, dresser, etc. These are like our clothes. Whether you are wearing yoga pants and your alma mater t-shirt, skinny jeans and trendy tunic, or maxi skirt and blouse, you have appropriately covered yourself (I hope) in a way that makes you feel comfortable and attractive.

And that is what furnishing and decorating your home is all about; finding the pieces that accentuate the best features of your home, camouflage the problem areas and make you feel comfortable in the process. For most of us this doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a few years for our sense of style to develop.

So, back to my question that started this all, what does your home say about you? If you don’t like what the answer to that question is then the follow up to that is, what do you want it to say about you and how do you get there?

An easy way to begin to bring your personality into your home is use the things you love to decorate. Display Grandma’s plates or linens. Frame handwritten family recipes. That quirky item you found in the thrift store, put it on the mantle. Turn discarded items into one of a kind pieces of furniture.

Here is some inspiration:


Fishing Lure Art_Josie JonesTurn fishing lures into a display. (via


Reclaimed Wood Shelf Close UpInstead of a entry table make your own out of something unique.


ski photo display_finding home farmsSporting equipment can be repurposed. (via


antique plate wallDisplay Grandma’s dishes. (via


Window Cabinet ThumbnailUse a window to a create a cabinet.


Vintage Kitchen_Collect vintage kitchen items. (via


wood wall art_down_oxford_streetMake a simple statement piece with wood shims. (via


ladder shelf_magnolia_marketHang a ladder on the wall as a shelf. (via

I believe that your home should be comfortable. A place that feels like an extension of yourself. And I believe one of the best ways to do that is find things that are meaningful to you and use them to decorate. Take a look around you home or maybe even your garage or attic. I bet there is something waiting to be transformed into a decorative conversation piece.

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