Tips for Finding Copper Bargains

How to find copper bargains and now what you are looking for |
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Do you like shiny things? I do!

Now, I don’t like all shiny things. In fact, I probably would have answered differently a few years ago. But something has changed for me. I discovered copper! Okay, I didn’t really discover copper; it has been around for centuries. Copper was one of the first discovered metals and it has been widely used ever since. Not only is it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, it is also very useful in industrial and architectural settings. Did you know that patina on copper roofs really serves a purpose? It actually protects the metal from corrosion!

Even though it has continued to be used in a multitude of applications throughout the years, its popularity in the home comes and goes. But right now copper is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. I’m a fan and you can be too!

But, copper isn’t exactly something you can DIY so what’s a DIY girl to do? Hunt for it!

I have had the most success finding unique copper pieces at affordable prices at small, shabby flea markets and antique stores. Skip the cute, trendy boutiques, you can find copper there but you’ll pay a pretty penny for it. (Pun intended!) Just know that what you find will not be shiny yet. So how do you know if that cool piece you found is copper? Here are a few tips:

  • Pure copper is a warm pink color (reddish-brown when tarnished)
  • Copper is soft, it can be gently manipulated with some slight pressure
  • Test it with a magnet, pure copper is only slightly magnetic so it will not hold a magnet

I am slowly building a collection. And the cost of this collection so far? Under $20!

Here is my $6 pitcher! Isn’t it pretty?!

How to find copper bargains and now what you are looking for |


This pan reminds me of the gold miners. It looks great on our coffee table. I spent a whopping $5 on it.

How to find copper bargains and now what you are looking for |

How about this one? I’m not sure what it began its life as but I have plans to turn it into a pendant light over my kitchen sink.

How to find copper bargains and now what you are looking for |

To begin your own copper collection remember, stick to the small simple shops. There is plenty to find you just have to look. Peruse slowly, tarnished copper doesn’t catch your eye right away. Pick up the pieces and inspect them. Is the metal somewhat soft? There’s a good chance it’s copper. Carry a small magnet with you. If the magnet doesn’t react strongly or at all, it’s likely copper. And my personal recommendation, don’t over pay. The budgetary threshold has to be determined by you but great copper pieces can be found for a reasonable price. So get out there and discover some copper!

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  1. Dione Lyons says: Reply

    What are the significant differences between copper and brass as collectables. Is one more valuable? And, just wondering is a penny really made out of copper?

    1. Autumn says: Reply

      Copper is a pure metal, which isn’t to say it is never mined with impurities. Brass is a copper alloy, it is copper with some zinc mixed in, the amount of zinc mixed in changes the properties of the brass. The more zinc mixed in the stronger it is but the less heat conductivity it has. Copper is more valuable.
      There is copper in pennies but the over the years the amount of copper used to produce a penny has diminished.

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