How to Turn an Old Window into a Cabinet

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One of my favorite things to do is find a new use for something old. This cabinet is a perfect example. Jay discovered an old house being completely renovated and the owner was happy to let Jay rescue pieces from the trash pile. That pile of “trash” has become many beautiful and useful things.

Vintage Window Cabinet

One of the discarded items was a window still in its frame. It wasn’t very useful as is so Jay took it apart and waited for inspiration. The inspiration came when we both tired of the hazard of having an old window hanging around in our much used garage.

So, we decided to turn it into a cabinet. It only took a few hours with things we already had on hand. Jay has a collection of jars of old junk hardware that came in handy. (Okay, saving some of that stuff was a good idea.) He found an old pair of hinges that would work and a pull knob. Now to get building.

Tools needed:
•    Kreg Jig
•    Nail gun
•    Drill

Materials needed:
•    Window
•    Wood for the box (dimensions needed will depend on your window)
•    Pocket hole screws
•    1 1/4 inch nails
•    Hinges
•    Knob

Using the Kreg Jig to create pocket holes, build a box using the dimension of the window measurement. We inset the window so the interior of the box matched the size of the window. The top of our box is slightly deeper than the other sides to give it a ledge.

Install the shelf at the same height of the horizontal bar in the window also using the Kreg Jig. The shelf needs to be shallower than the box to accommodate the window when closed.

Window Cabinet Open

Next install the hinges on the window frame and attached it to the box. Depending on the hinges you use you may have to inset the hinge into the box.

Window Cabinet Hinge Closed

Window Cabinet Hinge Open

The last step is attaching the back using the nail gun. You may want to do this before installing the window. Jay needed the back open to install the window.

The finishing touch is the pull knob. Get creative! This project cost us nothing! Those are the best kind but I see windows at flea markets for $10-15, so even if you had to buy the materials this cabinet could be built for under $50.

Window Cabinet KnobWindow Cabinet with VasesReclaimed Wood Window Cabinet

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