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  • DIY “Workbench” Desk

    Make your own "workbench" desk for $75!

    I am so in love with this desk! It is sturdy, has just enough detail to make it interesting, and it has plenty of space to spread out your stuff. My “office” for the last few years has been a small computer hutch that was nestled into the corner of our living room. I just […]

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  • Tips for Finding Copper Bargains

    How to find copper bargains and now what you are looking for | www.comfortcreated.com

    Do you like shiny things? I do! Now, I don’t like all shiny things. In fact, I probably would have answered differently a few years ago. But something has changed for me. I discovered copper! Okay, I didn’t really discover copper; it has been around for centuries. Copper was one of the first discovered metals […]